Mercer Island Hydroseeding


A thick, robust, lush green lawn adds considerably to the curb appeal and value of a property. It can also enrich the daily life of the property owner and inhabitants. However, growing a healthy and great looking lawn is not as easy as it sounds.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers the ideal solution – grass hydroseeding. An alternative to the traditional seeding and sodding methods, grass or lawn hydroseeding has proven to be much more effective in creating dense turf areas.

We offer grass hydroseeding services in Mercer Island, WA for home as well as business landscapes. Our lawn hydroseeding jobs for Mercer Island properties involve spraying the specified area with a slurry of grass seed, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch and tackifiers.

The process:

  • Allows fast lawn seeding, with minimal labor
  • Prevents grass seed from getting eroded by wind or rains
  • Stops turf destruction from weed growth or pest infestation

Mercer Island Lawn Hydroseeding


The hydroseed mix provides proper nutrients and moisture to the grass seed. And, it does not let the seed to be blown or washed away. What this means is that our lawn hydroseeding projects in Mercer Island properties invariably result in a quick growth of grass.

To further ensure excellent results from our lawn hydroseeding services, we:

  • Put well-trained and experienced crew to work
  • Incorporate top-grade hydroseed supplies
  • Use quality hydroseed machines

Our technicians do not only how to carry out lawn hydroseeding but are committed to performing the work diligently on your property to ensure quick and professional results.

Mercer Island Grass Hydroseeding


When it comes to growing grass over a large expanse of land, grass hydroseeding is one of the best techniques to use. Other options such as manual seeding or sod installation are not feasible because these are extremely time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive.

Even then, you cannot be sure of successful turf growth with these methods. Call us for grass hydroseeding in your Mercer Island property if you want the assurance of fast results from your project of creating a large beautiful and grassy turf area.

Our state-of-the-art hydroseeding equipment and nutrient-rich hydroseeding supplies with seeds of the right grass species can help in successfully growing:

  • Expansive grounds in private properties
  • Public parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Golf courses

To schedule a grass hydroseeding job or to receive a free quote on lawn hydroseeding costs, Mercer Island residents should contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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