Milton French Drain


A proper drainage system can save your surroundings from water damage. There are various types of drainage systems but the French drain system is said to be one of the best. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides French drain installation services in Milton, WA.

The French drain design uses a gravel-lined ditch to carry away the water. The French drain depth and width is 8 to 12 inches and 5 to 6 inches, respectively which can satisfy most needs of a drainage system. Our French drain installation service in Milton ensures clean and quality service.

We take care of the following aspects while executing our French drain installation services:

  • Initiating the procedure only after understanding customer needs
  • Use of quality raw materials
  • Clean service
  • Customer satisfaction

French drain installation services require skilled labor to prevent permanent drainage issues. We train our employees in a way that there are no errors while performing the installation services.

Milton Catch Basin


A catch basin is beneficial to keep the water running away from specific areas. We provide catch basin services in Milton to ensure that the city has clean surroundings. Catch basins can be most beneficial for the houses having large landscapes or those that have standing water issues or in case of heavy rainfall.

It is always beneficial to keep yourselves protected from such issues in order to maintain cleanliness. A catch basin allows the collected water to flow through the underground pipe and prevent standing water.

Below are some benefits of catch basin:

  • Can be customizable to fit
  • Easy maintenance
  • Proven performance and functionality
  • Prevents water damage from heavy storms

A catch basin can also be termed as a storm drain as it helps prevention of water backup in heavy storms.

Milton Trench Drain


A trench drain is a type of drain also called a channel drain or a dry creek bed drain. There are various types of trench drains which can be built on the basis of customer requirements. We provide trench drain installation services in Milton.

However, a trench drain is not an underground system but it comes with decorative grates to add to the beauty of your surroundings. Trench drains can be used for the following:

  • Driveways
  • Farm and barn areas
  • Patio and sidewalks
  • Pool areas

We look forward to helping you with your drainage issues.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for your next drainage project and experience one of the best drain services in Milton.

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