Federal Way Lawn Sprinkler System


Having the right automatic sprinkler systems for your lawn will allow it to be healthy and beautiful because it is receiving the right amount of water at the right time of day. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides superior quality services for the installation and repair of lawn sprinkler systems for Federal Way, WA residents.

Our automatic lawn sprinkler systems will provide the following benefits:

  • Proper watering
  • Correct amount of water applied
  • Watering even in your absence

When you chose us as the company to provide your home or business with a lawn sprinkler system you are assured of a system that is providing you with the desired results for your home or business lawn and landscape.

Federal Way Sprinkler System Installation


The proper installation of your lawn sprinkler system is essential. You need to work with a company that understands the soil conditions in the Federal Way area and is well versed in the type of sprinkler systems available.

You also want a company that will provide a sprinkler system design that will be appropriate for your home and landscape. We have been providing high quality sprinkler system installation for Federal Way residents for a long time.

Once our sprinkler system installation is complete, you will see the following benefits:

  • Lush green lawns
  • Increased value of your property
  • Care and support of a professional company

Our team works closely with you to understand your property, understand your vision for your lawn and landscape, and what your budget requirement might be.

Federal Way Sprinkler Repair


With the number of companies offering installation of sprinkler systems and their repair, choosing the best company can be a challenge. You should consider the following aspects looking for the right company for your sprinkler repair services in Federal Way:

  • Skilled workforce
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Use of the latest equipment
  • Technical know how

We are the right company to choose for sprinkler repair services in Federal Way. We have the knowledge, the right work force, and the right parts available to handle any sprinkler system repair you may require.

And we offer the finest of customer service found in the area. If you are wanting a lawn sprinkler system or are in need of sprinkler repair services for your lawn in Federal Way, call Cedar County Landscaping at (425) 358-2779.

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