Federal Way Retaining Wall


Concerned about landscape installation and maintenance on your sloped property in Federal Way, WA? Relax! Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can help. Our landscaping company can design and install retaining walls on your property to solve the unique issues involved in landscaping inclined properties.

Installation of a retaining wall on your Federal Way property will be beneficial in:

  • Grading and stabilizing the property
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Protecting the plantings
  • Keeping water away from the foundation

We offer several options in retaining wall installations for Federal Way property owners. They can get retaining walls made of timber, boulders or interlocking blocks. Or, if they want, we can install natural stone walls, creating an attractive rock garden that becomes a striking feature of the landscaping.

Federal Way Rock Garden


Installation of a retaining wall made from rocks from a dry riverbed can help create a unique rock garden to accentuate your Federal Way property. A rock garden looks majestic, and brings a different element of natural beauty to the overall outdoor ambiance.

The rock garden on your Federal way property can make an interesting backdrop for the landscaping, which shows off the delicate foliage and vibrant flowers to their maximum advantage.

We use beautifully weathered rocks to create your rock garden. Putting knowledgeable, trained and seasoned technicians on the job, we make sure that the rocks are set firmly and do not present any safety hazard.

You can trust us to create an impressive rock garden on your Federal Way property that enhances the landscaping by giving it a:

  • Distinctive texture
  • Rustic appeal
  • Rugged and powerful character

Federal Way Retaining Walls


We are equipped to handle any big or small job for installing retaining walls on any Federal Way property. Whether you need to get a single retaining wall constructed, or want several retaining walls installed to terrace your property, we can do it all.

It is our belief that retaining walls in Federal way properties should do more than just support the land and stop soil erosion. We are equally focused on the aesthetic aspect of a retaining wall installation. It is our goal to create artistic, functional and hard-wearing retaining walls that add to the Federal Way property:

  • Beauty
  • Stability and security
  • Value

Want superior services at affordable prices for a retaining wall installation in your Federal Way property? Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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