Covington Landscape Design


Considering a new or remodeled landscape design may feel overwhelming. And that’s understandable in view of the fact that developing a beautiful and functional landscape design requires knowledge of overall landscape design principles, foliage and plants, as well as structural considerations.

This is the moment you may want to call on an expert landscape designer serving the Covington and surrounding area that is skilled in the preparation of landscape design plans from conception through creation of the landscape design of your dreams.

Our professional landscape designer will work with you to ensure a landscape design that is beautiful, functional and reflects your lifestyle.

Call Cedar County Landscaping to discuss landscape design plans that are suitable for Covington and the surrounding area. Our landscape designer serving the Covington area and beyond is your insurance policy in avoiding the tearing out of your initial investment because of a bad design. (425) 358-2779

Covington Landscape Designer


Whether you are considering a new landscape design, or remodeling an existing landscape, the landscape installation can be complicated and may require an expert landscape designer.

There are considerations such as:

  • Selection of plant materials compatible with Covington and surrounding area
  • Designing irrigation systems consistent with the landscape design
  • Landscape design lighting for walkways, gardens, patios and hardscapes
  • Landscape design plans that include structural elements

Since the landscape design plans include living elements that are consistently growing or even dying, an experienced landscape designer in the Covington and surrounding area has the professional skills to incorporate those considerations into the landscape design plans.

We invite you to set up an initial consultation with our professional landscape designer to work with you in the development of beautiful, functional and unique landscape design plans that are suitable for the Covington area and beyond.

Covington Landscape Design Plans


A professional landscape designer who can walk you through the landscape design process from concept through creation is your best resource for ensuring final landscape design plans that reflects your lifestyle and is compatible with the Covington and surrounding area climate.

How will a landscape designer assist us with landscape design plans? Consider the following points:

  • Detailed discussion of the landscape design project
  • Preparation of your project scope, budget and schedule
  • Development of a unique plan using plants suited to your climate conditions
  • Close collaboration between landscape designer and client

Detailed landscape design plans are the first step in the ultimate development and installation of your landscape design.

Call Cedar County Landscaping for an initial consultation to discuss landscape design plans and landscape designer services for creating or remodeling your entire property with an installation suitable for the Covington and surrounding area. (425) 258-2779

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