Summer Lawn Care – High Temperatures in Auburn


The summer season is the time when people make maximum use of their outdoor spaces. It is also a time of high temperatures that can make maintaining thick, vibrant lawns a challenge. However, you donÕt need to stress about summer lawn care in Auburn, WA because Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is here to help you out with very practical summer lawn care tips and professional lawn services.

Give us a call as soon as summer sets in if you do not want to end up with a dry, barren lawn when fall comes around. We assure you of very thorough summer lawn care services that are guaranteed to keep your turf healthy throughout the hot season. Our knowledgeable technicians carry out specialized, season-specific work, covering every aspect of lawn care like:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Seeding
  • Fertilization
  • Watering

Our useful summer lawn care tips for Auburn residents help them enjoy the soothing sight of a lush, robust turf on their property, even during the hottest months.

Lawn Care Tips for Auburn Homeowners


Keeping the turf protected from problems that the summer season can bring takes some work! Our expert summer lawn services can take care of a number of essentials, like mowing the grass at the right time and to the right height, ensuring proper weed control measures, and more. Meanwhile, there are a few lawn care tips that our customers can keep in mind. Doing so will go a long way in ensuring healthy growth of grass in spite of high temperatures.

Summer lawn care tips that Auburn homeowners should try include:

  • Be careful to not overwater
  • Watch out for brown patches, and fertilize and water them ASAP
  • Address pests at first sight

You should call us immediately if you notice that your lawn is losing color or thinning.

Why Choose Us for Lawn Services in Auburn?


Poor turf maintenance can make investments in lawn installation go down the drain. Make sure that your investment continues to give excellent returns by choosing us for lawn services in Auburn.

Our landscaping company has been in business since 1995 and is staffed by the best-in-trade lawn care technicians. Our professionals:

  • Have a full understanding of seasonal requirements to promote turf growth
  • Are provided with all the tools and materials they need for the job
  • Work with a commitment to delivering the best possible lawn services

For high-quality lawn services and effective summer lawn care tips, Auburn residents should get in touch with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Call (425) 358-2779.

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