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We’ve all heard it before: beautiful, functional landscaping from a landscape design creates the first impression of your residence or business.

So where do property owners in the Auburn and surrounding area begin? A beautiful and functional landscape design requires good planning with coordination among the property owners, the landscape designer, and the contractor. And it all begins with landscape design plans.

Do you need inspiration for a beautiful and functional landscape design? We’re here to help! First, we want to assure you that achieving a living landscape in the Auburn and surrounding area based on landscape design plans is possible.

Second, it should be noted that a landscape can be simple, or it can be complicated. This is the point that you may want to call on us as landscape design professionals serving the Auburn and surrounding area to provide guidelines and recommendations.

Call us at Cedar County Landscaping serving the Auburn and surrounding area with landscape design plans and landscape designer services to create or remodel your entire property. (425) 358-2779

Auburn Landscape Designer


If you are an ideas person, you may want to follow these beginner’s rules for establishing a basic landscape design in the Auburn and surrounding area:

  • Make a list of your needs and wants (not master plans yet) for a landscape design
  • Do you prefer a formal or casual setting
  • Do you need to include an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, fire pit
  • Will you need walkways, a patio, gardens, hardscapes
  • Have you considered structures such as a new deck, gazebo, pool
  • Do you have drainage or soil problems

When you have established a basic landscape design, we recommend meeting with a landscape designer who can walk you through the conceptual process in preparation for creating the property of your dreams with landscape design plans.

Remember, a professional landscape designer is your insurance policy who will prevent tearing out your initial investment because of a bad design. Our landscape designer will be your trusted resource whether you are planning a new or remodeling landscape design.

Auburn Landscape Design Plans


Our landscape designer works collaboratively with clients in the Auburn and surrounding area to ensure that the landscape design is a true reflection of their preferences and lifestyle.

It is the desire of our landscape designer to provide distinctive landscape design plans for your property that will allow it to increase in beauty as it matures.

Call us at Cedar County Landscaping serving the Auburn and surrounding area to set up an initial consultation with our landscape designer to discuss your project in detail, including the scope of your project, your personal budget and a time schedule. Our landscape designer can then begin development of unique landscape design plans that is compatible with the Auburn and surrounding area. (425) 358-2779

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