Water Line Repair Lake Tapps


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers underground water line repair services for the Lake Tapps, WA area. People in this area trust our service and call us when they discover issues with the water main service line into their home.

There are several reasons why it becomes necessary to repair the water line from the meter to the house. There might be a drop in water pressure due to a water line leak; no water flow from faucets as a result of tree roots clogging the pipe or discolored water coming out of taps.

If you need underground water line repair done in your Lake Tapps home, you have come to the right place! No matter what the problem, our underground water line repair experts know how to fix it. We are committed to delivering repair solutions that are:

  • Timely and efficient
  • Long lasting and reliable
  • Cost-effective

Underground Water Line Repair Lake Tapps


While there may be a few plumbing tasks around the home that you can manage to do by yourself, fixing a water line leak or a broken water line is not one of these!Lose no time in calling us for underground water line repair in your Lake Tapps area home if you encounter any abnormality in your home’s water supply.

Having the help of experts like us is essential if you do not want your yard to end up being dug-up and the water pipe more damaged than before.

We address your underground water line repair needs with a highly skilled crew. The technicians we send to your home:

  • Know how to fix a broken water pipe outside
  • Come with the right tools and technology know how
  • Work as if they are in their own home

Lake Tapps Water Line Leak


A water line leak in your Lake Tapps area home could happen because of many factors. Ground shifting resulting from the annual freeze and thaw cycle could place stress on the pipe. Pipe corrosion and broken joint seals can cause leakage in an aging water line. Sub-par quality of piping material can make even a relatively new water line leak.

You need to be vigilant for main water line leak symptoms. Call us for water line leak detection and repair as soon as you suspect a water line leak. We do the underground water line repair:

  • Fast
  • Using top-notch materials
  • With minimal property damage

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to repair any water line leak in your Lake Tapps area home. Call (425) 358-2779.

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