Woodinville Irrigation Services


Water is considered the elixir of life, without which living things cannot survive. The growth and vegetation of plants depends upon regular and adequate watering. For irrigating lawn and gardens, one has to install an efficient irrigation system.

The installation of a sprinkler system has proved to be the most appropriate, efficient and convenient solution.The installation of a sprinkler system is an important part of irrigation services, as it ensures adequate water supply, prevents water wastage and saves time.

Numerous companies offer irrigation services and the installation of sprinkler systems. We at Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. provide our irrigation services to Woodinville, WA residents.

As one of the most prominent irrigation services providers in Woodinville, we offer our expertise in sprinkler systems and are known for:

  • Designing
  • Installation
  • Repair

Our experienced and professionally qualified technicians also undertake the installation of automatic sprinkler systems at an affordable price.

Woodinville Lawn Irrigation


Although the quantity of water required for lawn irrigation largely depends upon the quality of soil, too much watering can damage the grass and lead to wasted water. That’s why the installation of an efficient automatic sprinkler system can save water and your expensive landscaping.

By installing an automated sprinkler system for your lawn irrigation needs, you get:

  • Convenient water scheduling
  • Watering at optimal times
  • Optimal water conversation
  • Ease of use

We offer our professional lawn irrigation services in Woodinville for the installation of automatic sprinkler systems. Our skilled technicians install sprinkler systems using the best quality equipments and pumps, pipes, valves, spray heads, timers and controllers for your lawn irrigation system.

We specialize in providing best lawn irrigation services at the most economical and competitive prices.

Woodinville Garden Irrigation


The water distribution needs for garden irrigation differs from that of lawn irrigation. Garden irrigation requires water distribution at a low pressure for water to seep in directly into the roots and to help fruits and vegetables grow.

For efficient garden irrigation, drip irrigation and soak hoses systems are most appropriate. With these systems, water is distributed through a network of pipe and hoses for vegetable garden irrigation.We specialize in installation of drip irrigation and soak hoses systems for vegetable garden irrigation in Woodinville.

When you plan to install or repair any sprinkle, drip or soaker hoses systems connected to your garden irrigation, you can bank on us. We have a perfect team of professionals who:

  • Never compromise on work ethics
  • Work diligently
  • Accomplish assignments on time

If you decide to hire our irrigation services for lawn or garden irrigation in Woodinville, contact Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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