Summer Lawn Care – High Temperatures in Renton


There is nothing quite like a rich, lush, green lawn to make property owners beam with pride. And nothing causes them more angst than looking out at burnt, sparse turf in their yard. In fact, a brown and bare lawn is what most people dread when the summer season approaches.

Specialized summer lawn care programs for Renton, WA properties are a must to help turf survive weeks of consistently high temperatures. This is where Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. comes in. Founded in 1995, we are a full-service landscaping company property owners can contact for helpful summer lawn care tips, as well as professional summer lawn services.

Different seasons call for specific lawn care practices and different properties need unique lawn services. Knowing this, we offer customized summer lawn care services for Renton properties. We help your grass endure summer heat without showing any lasting effects by providing well-thought-out services to meet your lawnÕs needs, like:

  • Fertilization
  • Watering
  • Disease protection
  • Grooming

Lawn Care Tips for Renton Homeowners


We also offer tried-and-true summer lawn care tips for Renton homeowners. If you are interested in knowing what you can do to ensure healthy growth of your turf area, no matter how hot it is, ask for the lawn care tips offered by our skilled technicians. These include:

  • Watching out for weed/pest infestation to control it in time
  • Not going overboard with watering or fertilizing the turf
  • Avoiding excessive activity on your grass with pet or kids
  • Letting only trained experts like us mow the grass

Taking note of these summer lawn care tips will go a long way in ensuring that your outdoor fun in the summer months is not spoiled by a dull, patchy lawn.

Why Choose Us for Lawn Services in Renton?


Lawn care is not something you can take chances with! You should not leave your painstakingly grown lawn to the care of untrained, unproven, or unprofessional technicians. Choose us for lawn services in Renton and relax in the knowledge that you have the most qualified, well-equipped, and dedicated professionals taking care of your lawn. We:

  • Take a detailed, long-term perspective to lawn care
  • Deliver lawn services only through trained and seasoned technicians
  • Work as diligently on small lawns as on sprawling grounds

For useful summer lawn care tips, call (425) 358-2779. Renton residents can call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for professional summer lawn services.

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