Retaining Wall Installation Ravensdale


Retaining wall installation is meant for structuring a sloping property, supporting the land against erosion.

We, at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. believe that retaining wall installation has the potential for much more.

We offer expert retaining wall installation that makes these walls an integral element of your landscape that enhances the property.Our innovative retaining wall installation ensures that retaining walls are not just protective structures, but add unique architecture, texture and color to the landscaping. Our retaining wall installation crew strives to provide your landscape with retaining walls that are:

  • Functional
  • Attractive
  • Structurally sound, durable and reliable

We provide customized retaining wall installation services and work with a variety of hardscape materials. You have a choice of concrete retaining wall installation, natural stone retaining wall installation, timber retaining wall installation and more.

Patio Installation Ravensdale


Patio installation creates a wonderful outdoor living space and allows you more comprehensive use and enjoyment of your landscape.We specialize in patio installation on residential and commercial properties. Our imaginative patio installation makes patios more than lounging places.

The home patio we install for you works as a major style statement that showcases your refined personality and lifestyle.

Meanwhile, our business patio installation gives you the perfect place for mixing business with pleasure and entertaining business associates and guests.We offer several options in patio installation, including:

  • Flagstone patio installation
  • Stamped concrete patio installation
  • Patio installation in paver stones

Whether we use paver stones or other materials for patio installation, we focus on proper surface preparation and careful construction to create a breathtaking patio that promises you lasting value.

Paver Stones Ravensdale


Retaining walls and patios are landscaping staples. This does not mean that retaining wall installation or patio installation offers limited creativity.

With our variety in hardscape materials, we can give your yard a new look with unique-looking retaining walls and patios.We offer patio installation and retaining wall installation in paver stones, concrete, flagstone and more.

Flagstone can be used for creating casual, rustic hardscapes, while concrete and paver stones create formal-looking hardscapes. Installations in paver stones add an especially distinctive look to your landscaping.

Some other advantages of using paver stones as hardscape material are:

  • Paver stones create strong and durable structures
  • Paver stones offer easy maintenance
  • Pavers stones are versatile and offer several design possibilities

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for more details about retaining wall installation and patio installation with paver stones, concrete and more.

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