Tree Trimming Ravensdale


Trees add great beauty and value to any landscape. However, the absence of proper tree care can turn this asset into a liability.

Regular tree trimming and tree pruning is essential to maintaining the shape and aesthetic appeal of trees. Overgrown trees also need tree trimming to ensure that they don’t endanger your property or damage utility lines.Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers professional tree trimming and tree pruning services to maintain healthy and majestic trees on your residential or commercial property.

The tree trimming work of our tree care specialists consists of:

  • Removing dead/damaged branches
  • Cutting away crowded or over-spread limbs
  • Removing selective branches to allow air and light penetration into the crown

Tree Pruning Ravensdale


Tree pruning means more than cutting down a few branches. You may not realize it, but tree pruning and tree trimming can alter the growth pattern of a tree and impact its lifespan.

While efficient tree pruning and tree trimming can stimulate new growth and help the tree to flourish, excessive tree pruning and tree trimming can have the opposite effect and cause the tree to die prematurely.As experienced tree care experts, we understand this and put only knowledgeable and trained technicians on tree trimming and tree pruning jobs.

The right cuts by our tree pruning and tree trimming professionals ensure the release of energy to your trees’ branches, leaves and fruit that promotes the healthy growth of the trees.We utilize several tree pruning techniques such as crown cleaning, thinning, reduction and raising, carrying them out with precision so that your trees enjoy excellent:

  • Structural beauty
  • Health
  • Longevity

Tree Care Ravensdale


When you have trees on your property, you cannot depend on Mother Nature to take care of them.

For that, you need tree care experts with the right knowledge, skills and equipment. You need us. We offer you totally hassle-free and efficient tree care solutions by:

  • Using appropriate gear for tree care services
  • Having the right equipment for tree trimming
  • Overseeing the process from start to finish
  • Taking safety precautions while delivering tree care services
  • Providing accurate tree care services to suit the different tree species we work on
  • Delivering careful tree care services without damaging your property or trees

Our expert tree trimming, tree pruning and other tree care services make sure that it is elegant trees, not a wild jungle that grows on your property!

To hire the tree care professionals at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for tree trimming and tree pruning, call (425) 358-2779.

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