South Hill French Drain


If standing water is getting in the way of your beautiful and lush yard, call in our experts to install a French drain in the South Hill, WA, area.

The professionals working at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. use their expertise to install a South Hill French drain that works efficiently.

The primary function of a South Hill French drain is to drain water accumulating due to heavy rains or snow melting, which can otherwise move towards the house and cause flooding, thus damaging the foundation of the house.

The absence of a working South Hill French drain can also lead to large puddles that are habitable spots for mosquito breeding. Talk to our experts to learn more about drains and the options we offer including:

  • French drain installation near me
  • French drains cost
  • Catch basin drain
  • French drains basement
  • Driveway drain
  • Trench drain systems

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to get a South Hill French drain installed today!

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South Hill Catch Basin


A South Hill catch basin can easily direct the flow of water away from your home. A South Hill catch basin system also reduces the amount of standing water in the yard so that you can enjoy yard time without worrying about puddles.

The basic working principle of a South Hill catch basin is quite simple. It is just a trench that is dug in those areas of the yard that are most prone to collecting water.

What makes a South Hill catch basin work effectively? Gravity causes the standing water to flow downhill and following the path of least resistance, water is essentially redirected away from home.

Feel free to ask us about the technicalities of the following:

  • French drains in yard
  • French drains around house
  • Zurn trench drains
  • Pipeless French drains
  • Concrete catch basins
  • Nyloplast drain basin

Get a South Hill catch basin now with Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.!

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South Hill Trench Drain


Having a South Hill trench drain in the yard ensures your lawns are always green and lush. Our South Hill trench drain experts make use of simple technology to give you convenience.

Need to reduce yard saturation? You need a South Hill trench drain. Call our South Hill trench drain team to learn more information.

When it comes to South Hill trench drain, we can assist with the following:

  • Driveway channel drain
  • Installing a drainage system in your yard
  • French drains catch basins
  • French drains around foundation
  • Stormwater catch basins
  • Concrete channel drain

A South Hill trench drain in your yard is just a call away. Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.!

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