Tree Trimming Clyde Hill


Trees not adequately pruned tend to be a nuisance. The untrimmed branches can overhang the adjacent property, obstruct driveway and walkways, hinder view through the window, block the passage of sunlight and air, tangle with overhead cables, be a safety hazard during severe storms or look unattractive. If tree trimming is not done to remove diseased limbs, the entire tree can become infected and die.

Irregular tree trimming in any Clyde Hill, WA area property is, obviously, a severe failure of tree care. Be a responsible property owner and individual and Cedar County Landscaping for tree pruning services.

Our company has extensive experience in handling tree trimming jobs. In the tree care business since 1995, we carry out tree pruning on a diverse number of species of trees. No tree trimming job around Clyde Hill is beyond our capabilities. Our technicians are skilled at pruning trees that:

  • Are very tall
  • Have dense, widespread, thick branches
  • Grow in a confined or otherwise inconvenient space

Tree Pruning Clyde Hill


You should know that it is not enough to get the trees on your property pruned regularly to maintain its aesthetic appeal, healthy growth, and safe presence. It is also essential that only technicians who know their job well do tree pruning.

In Clyde Hill hire us for trimming the trees on your residential or commercial property. Doing so assures you of a correctly done, perfect tree pruning job. Our technicians carry out tree trimming in your yard as carefully as they would in their own home. They take care of:

  • Use top-of-the-line tree pruning tools
  • Not harm tree health with wrong cuts
  • Take precautions for safe, incident-free work

Clyde Hill Tree Care


Trees enhance the curb appeal, energy-efficiency, and resale value of the property where they grow. Their presence also improves air quality in the surroundings and enriches the daily life of people who live or work there.

Proper tree care is a must for keeping your trees in good condition and enjoying all the benefits that come from them. Rely on us for the superior tree care in the Clyde Hill area that you want and deserve.

Count on us for expert tree trimming work so that the trees in your yard:

  • Look attractive
  • Stay strong and disease-free
  • Have a long lifespan

In the Clyde Hill area trust Cedar County Landscaping for your tree care needs. Hire us for ornamental, flowering and fruit tree pruning. Call (425) 358-2779.

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