Sammamish Landscape Design


Do you long for a landscape design in Sammamish, WA that is simply out of this world? If yes, contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.! We are all about making your dream design in Sammamish come true.

We started the company in 1995 because we love creating picturesque designs for residents in the Sammamish region. Be it a residential property or commercial, our goal is to build you a design that provides joy for years to come.

Our each and every project is an attempt to make our customers a paradise of their own. That is the reason why the focus of our experts is to make you landscape design plans for your Sammamish property which reflects your:

  • Personality
  • Vision
  • Preferences and tastes

We create landscape design plans by combining your aesthetic likings and requirements for your landscaping with what Mother Nature has blessed the property with.

Important attributes of the land, such as its topography, soil quality, sun and shade ratio, climatic conditions throughout the year, etc. are some things that our professionals keep in mind while drafting landscape design plans for your Sammamish property.

The primary idea and objective that our landscape designer works with is to create a beautiful, idyllic environment that is also sustainable. Our customer-oriented approach to landscape designing makes sure that your vision for the landscaping of your property becomes a well-designed reality.

We go over the landscape design plans with you and tweak them if you want some changes to be made. The move forward to landscape installation is made only after the plan becomes exactly what you were looking.

Sammamish Landscape Designer


It is the passion of our landscape designer serving Sammamish to design a unique and different landscape for you. Our landscape designer for Sammamish residents feels it is a privilege to provide consistent pleasure through their design.

Our landscape designer in the Sammamish region provides services with future perspective in mind. By analyzing your property and combining your inputs and their creativity, our landscape designers make a design which consists of:

  • Water features
  • Landscape lights
  • Grounds or lawns
  • Landscaping trees, flowers and plants

Our landscape designer serving Sammamish is a seasoned professional whose life is all about designing insanely beautiful landscape designs. The level of dependability and professionalism of our landscape designer is unmatched.

Your choice of landscape designer has a major bearing on the success of your landscaping project and decides whether your money would be put to good use or be a wasteful expenditure. With the in-depth understanding of landscaping basics and vast on-the-job experience that our landscape designer has, you can rest easy about making a rewarding investment when you hire us to design your landscape.

We offer you the services of an extremely competent landscape designer who knows plants, understands hardscape features and recognizes the complex interface that can exist between the two.

As a landscape designer, we have taken countless people towards leading happier, healthier and more satisfying lives by creating a dream landscape on their property. We look forward to help you too get optimal pleasure from your yard!

Sammamish Landscape Design Plans

Landscape-Design Plans-Sammamish-WA

Our landscape design plans for Sammamish residents are everything one looks for when they hire a landscape company. Our commitment does not end with landscape design plans and installation. We also provide landscape maintenance and lawn care services to Sammamish residents.

The landscape design plans we offer to Sammamish residents are very affordable and unique which makes us an ideal choice. The landscape design plans that our designers create consist of plants that are beautiful, economical and easy to maintain.

Other than landscape design plans, we offer a program for lawn maintenance and lawn care to keep your yard beautiful all year round. Our professionals provide lawn care service that is:

  • Efficient
  • Thorough and complete
  • Routine

Detailed landscape design plans that integrate your landscaping ideas and requirements are the first step towards creating the garden of your dreams. Proper design drawings and documents are essential to provide clarity about the landscape construction work that is to be done. These are paramount to ensuring completion of the landscape installation to your 100% satisfaction.

We appreciate this and develop comprehensive landscape design plans for your property. The blueprint we create for landscaping your yard gives full information about the elements to be installed and a complete idea about the extent of work to be done. It also helps us provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of landscape installation project and the timeframe for its completion.

Call us today to hire us as your landscape designer and let us draw an innovative, yet practical landscaping design for your property.      

Call (425) 358-2779 now to get the best landscape services. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides one of the best landscape designer services in the Sammamish, WA region.

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