Lakeland Hills French Drain


French drain Lakeland Hills, WA is a simple conduit for drainage of excess water from a low lying. The design of French Drain is simple and does not require special mechanical services. The breadth and complexity of French drain Lakeland Hills product mainly depends on the amount of water to be exhausted out. If the French drain excavated is not sufficient then additional French drain can be interspersed between the existing French drain Lakeland Hills with interconnections to drain off the additional water.

Cedar County Landscaping is a trustworthy company in Lakeland Hills providing French drain services. Our experts adopt suitable French drain strategies that are sure to solve drainage problems. French drain Lakeland Hills is developed keeping in mind:

  • French drain stores maximum water
  • French drain has watershed development potential
  • It has shape and orientation
  • It slopes downward
  • It maintains moisture condition

Lakeland Hills Catch Basin


Catch basin Lakeland Hills contains stagnant water during the drier parts of the year. Larval hormones which are sometimes released through the mosquito biscuits can be used to control the mosquito breeding process in Catch basin Lakeland Hills. The performance of Catch basin at removing sediment and other pollutants depends on the design of the Catch basin.

Our company can help you overcome drainage problems in Lakeland Hills by providing Catch basin services. Therefore in order to reach out to large customers it is important to employ Catch basin service provider. Our Catch basin Lakeland Hills provides following benefits:

  • Catch basin is fed by street gutters
  • Catch basin drains untreated & even storm water
  • Catch basin is available in different designs
  • Catch basin drains excess water
  • It is depressed at the invert

Lakeland Hills Trench Drain


The popular trend in Trench drain Lakeland Hills is linear system. Trench drain is made from materials such as polymer concrete and fiber glass. Grate components are assembled in the trench and around which concrete is poured to form a Trench drain Lakeland Hills system. The use of Trench drain Lakeland Hills in construction began with commission by the British airports.

Our company retains Trench drain Lakeland Hills techniques; therefore our experts are able to solve Trench drain problems. Our Trench drain Lakeland Hills is equipped with:

  • Our Trench drain is in channel shaped body
  • Our Trench drain rapidly evacuates surface water
  • Our Trench drain is labour intensive
  • Our Trench drain saves time and money
  • It is available in stainless steel

Call Cedar County landscaping Inc. at (425) 358-2779 and get experienced French drain, Catch basin and Trench drain service in Lakeland Hills.

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