Renton Retaining Wall


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. aims to transform your humble abode into a beautiful home with retaining wall services in Renton, WA! Great news, you can now earn the benefits of our landscaping services, like a retaining wall in Renton, easily.

Because of the uneven terrain, retaining walls bind the soil and shape the uneven slopes properly. Our retaining wall service is not only well known at Renton, but also spreading out to the neighboring areas as well. This is because:

  • We offer commercial and personal retaining wall services
  • Our retaining wall implementations endure any weather
  • Our consistent and reliable services aim towards satisfying customer expectations

Think no more; it is time to get in touch with us to reinvent your landscape.

Renton Rock Garden


Rock Garden implementations in Renton have become a growing preference for many property owners. Enchanting retaining wall and rock garden for Renton properties will make the neighborhood look surreal, like something straight out of a fairy tale! A rock garden for your Renton house not only serves the purpose of aesthetic appeal but also create a smart drainage system as well.

A rock garden at Renton amplifies the beauty of both personal properties and public parks. Trust our team of efficient landscapers to give your retaining wall or rock garden in Renton a magical makeover. The fact that rock gardens are environment friendly makes them a very popular choice among our customers. In addition:

  • Rock gardens for Renton parks are a great way to naturally beautify the city
  • We use recycled metal, plastic, and other non-biodegradable material
  • Rock gardens are very affordable and easy to maintain

Renton Retaining Walls


Over the years, our premium quality retaining walls services have been setting new standards in the industry.

Retaining walls are not only a feast for the eyes but also prevent landslides and flooding. Yes, the retaining walls hold the loose soil together and even out rough slopes, making retaining walls a convenient and practical option. Other points to note:

  • We build retaining walls that are tough and durable
  • We are a key player in the retaining walls market
  • We are reasonably priced

Visit Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. and talk to our experts about reinventing the landscape of your house. Call us at (425) 358-2779.

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