Rockeries Sammamish


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the name to rely on for design and construction of rockeries in the Sammamish, WA area. Our company has been in business since 1995 and created rockeries in countless residential as well as commercial properties.

We can build rockeries for a variety of applications. Most property owners hire us to install rockeries simply to add a dramatic, rustic element to the landscape. However, our services are also sought for making rockeries:

  • On sloping land tracts with erosion problems
  • In yards with infertile soil
  • For landscaping stony yards
  • By people interested in low maintenance yards

Our technicians are skilled at constructing different types of rockeries in Sammamish properties. These include rockeries in the form of dry riverbed surrounded by a rockery wall, rockeries made with boulders of different sizes, and rockeries that include boulders, hardy plants, and decorative lighting fixtures. We customize the design of rockeries on all projects as per the unique customer preferences and yard size.

Rockery Wall Sammamish


Besides constructing rockeries of varying sizes, we also specialize in installation of a standalone rockery wall. We are available for rock wall construction on properties with sloped yards to hold back soil and provide leveled land for growing grass or plants. We can also be called in to install a rockery wall to add a striking visual element to the landscape.

No matter why you decide to go in for rockery wall installation in your Sammamish property, let us handle the project. We can be trusted to carry out rock wall construction:

  • After proper soil prep
  • Using carefully selected boulders
  • With suitable drainage systems in place
  • In compliance with the relevant local codes

We send only well-trained, experienced crews to install your rockery wall.

Rock Wall Construction Sammamish


Hiring us instead of other landscapers for rock wall construction in your Sammamish yard is an assurance of getting an elegant, highly functional structure that stands up to the elements very well and stays strong for years to come.

Hiring our company for rock wall construction also assures you of:

  • Job completion in the fastest time possible
  • Competitive pricing of top-quality services
  • A stress-free, fully satisfying experience of the entire job

We have your rock wall construction done by technicians who are as committed to providing great customer service as to delivering seamless workmanship.

Whether it is for building rockeries or a rockery wall, Sammamish cannot choose a better contractor than Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Call (425) 358-2779 to learn more about our capabilities.

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