Tree Trimming Services for Sammamish Homes and Businesses


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. has been providing high quality tree trimming services to homes and business owners throughout Sammamish, WA since 1995.

As a full-service landscaping company, we appreciate that attractive and healthy trees add an important aesthetic detail to any yard. We have employed trained tree care specialists to perform efficient tree trimming work in Sammamish properties to give them well-shaped, imposing trees.

We believe that pruning a tree is not just a ‘hack and stack’ job. All our tree trimming services in Sammamish are delivered:

  • As per the unique preferences and needs of each customer
  • With a goal to help the trees, property and property owner co-exist in harmony
  • Using correct trimming practices and techniques
  • Utilizing top-of-the-line, clean, disinfected tree pruning tools

Whether you want to schedule tree trimming services for your Sammamish property, or simply need a free estimate on tree pruning cost, we are here to help.

Tree Pruning in Sammamish Has Many Benefits


Improved visual appeal of trees, leading to enhanced landscape beauty and increased property value are the most obvious benefits of regular tree pruning services for Sammamish residents. But, these are not the only advantages of tree trimming.

During tree pruning in Sammamish properties, our technicians trim the overly large branches and remove dead, diseased and encroaching limbs. This results in:

  • Stimulating growth of trees in desired direction
  • Stopping infestation and improving tree health
  • Better access to, and better utilization of nutrients throughout the tree
  • Eliminating safety hazards and obstructions from trees on the property

Moreover, our fruit tree pruning services help Sammamish residents enjoy increased fruit production.

Why Choose Us When You Need Tree Care Services in Sammamish?


Beautiful, healthy trees and happy customers are the outcomes that we are forever striving to achieve with our tree care services in the Sammamish area. Our skilled technicians can prune, maintain and care for all kinds of trees. They are committed to ensuring consistent excellence in their tree care services for Sammamish residents.

Whether we handle a one-time tree trimming job or deliver regularly-scheduled tree care services, our focus is on providing the best in:

  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • Pricing

Another important reason for choosing us when you need tree care services in Sammamish is our concern for safety-of our crew as well as of the trees and property of every customer.

Looking for professional, incident-free and affordable tree care services, including tree pruning for your Sammamish property? Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Dial (425) 358-2779.

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