Klahanie Bulldozer Work


Landscaping for any property starts by preparing the land for plants and trees and construction for hardscape features. This site preparation generally calls for quite a bit of bulldozer work.

First, land clearing may be necessary to remove wild bushes, weeds, etc. populating the yard. Ground leveling before landscape construction can also require bulldozer work. The residents of Klahanie, WA need to hire professionals to carry out the heavy-duty job of bulldozing.

This is where Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. comes in. We are a full-service landscaping company that is available for all types of bulldozer work in Klahanie. Get in touch with us if you need backyard digging, land clearing or any other site preparation work done to get started with landscape construction.

We come to your project with:

  • Experience in bulldozer services going back to 1995
  • Competitive bulldozer rates
  • Highly skilled crew for bulldozer work
  • The most advanced and powerful machinery

Klahanie Land Clearing


Land clearing may be necessary for landscaping the yard of newly-built properties as well as for landscape renovation projects on existing yards.

Give us a call for land clearing services in Klahanie if you find the front or backyard of your new construction unfit for landscape installation. We send in our well-trained technicians with dozers and other land clearing equipment to perform tasks like:

  • Removing tree stumps
  • Removing unwanted trees
  • Clearing out rocks, rubble and other debris
  • Leveling out and grading the soil

You can also call us for bulldozer work if you wish to renovate your landscape and need land clearing done to accommodate the new landscape design.

Klahanie Site Preparation


Proper site preparation is the critical first step towards successful landscape installation. Nobody understands this better than us!

At our landscaping company, we handle every site preparation job in Klahanie with the utmost diligence that it deserves. Our commitment to quality extends not just to landscape design and installation work, but also to preparing a yard that is to be landscaped.

Our site preparation work for your landscaping project combine the finest in men and machines to ensure that your yard has:

  • Adequate drainage arrangements
  • Fertile soil
  • No soil erosion issues
  • Level, obstruction-free ground

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today to discuss your landscape site preparation needs in Klahanie and to schedule the necessary bulldozer work. Reach us at (425) 358-2779.

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