Outdoor Fireplace Installation Services for Issaquah Residents


An outdoor gas fireplace can be a nice addition to your property making it more useful and functional especially during the cooler months. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides quality services for the installation of outdoor fireplaces for Issaquah, WA residents.

With our several outdoor fireplace ideas, you can make your outdoor spaces more:

  • Functional
  • Beautiful
  • Useful

You can rely on our highly skilled and trained technicians to build an outdoor fireplace exactly as you envision. Equipped with the latest equipment and techniques, they will build a modern outdoor fireplace enabling you to have many enjoyable evenings with friends and family.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Adds Comfort to Issaquah Backyards


As compared to the traditional fireplaces built insides homes, having an outdoor gas fireplace offers many more uses. Fueled by gas, the outside fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to a chilly evening. There is no need to collect logs for the outside fireplace when you build a gas fireplace.

We have been installing outdoor gas fireplaces for Issaquah residents for a long time. We recommend homeowners have outdoor gas fireplaces for decks and patios to receive the following benefits:

  • Comfort
  • Cost effective alternative to wood fireplace
  • Stylish look
  • Low maintenance

We will work closely with you to design the outdoor gas fireplace you want. We will visit your home, recommend the correct location for the fireplace, learn your preferences and work within your budget.

Why Choose Us to Install an Outside Fireplace in Issaquah?


There are several companies in the area offering installation of outside fireplaces in Issaquah. However, you need to find a reliable and established company that not only provides the perfect outside fireplace but also provides repair and maintenance services if needed.

You should choose us to install your outside fireplace in Issaquah as we:

  • Are reliable and recommended
  • Use the latest equipment
  • Have skilled workforce
  • Offer customized solutions

When you choose us as the company installing the outside fireplace on your property, you will receive the benefit of our design expertise and we will give you several outdoor fireplace ideas. We have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of our clients and are proud of our design reputation.

If you are considering installing an outdoor fireplace on your property and you want the assistance of a company in Issaquah, call Cedar C