Covington Retaining Wall


Landscaping a property in Covington, WA that has a steep slope can be challenging. The slope brings with it planting difficulties and soil erosion concerns. Building retaining walls is the ideal solution in such situations. A retaining wall on the inclined Covington property helps hold back soil and water, and it creates terracing, allowing landscape beds at different levels.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. if you want to get a retaining wall constructed on your Covington property. We specialize in designing & installing retaining walls, and can create a retaining wall made of timber, boulders, natural stones or interlocking blocks.

Count on us for a retaining wall installation on your Covington property that:

  • Expands its usable space and protects the land
  • Gives the property a strong, distinctive character
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the landscape by giving it a manicured look
  • Can increase your privacy by blocking the view into your property

Covington Rock Garden


If you are looking for a solution to control soil erosion and at the same time add the rustic beauty of nature to your landscaping, consider calling us to install a rock garden in your Covington property.

A rock garden can be an amazing landscaping feature. While it gives the landscaping a traditional look and an old-worldly charm, it requires quite easy and simple maintenance. Property owners who want their landscape to look attractive but cannot spare much time for it’s upkeep are sure to love getting a rock garden installed on their Covington property.

You should hire us for your rock garden installation job. We assure you of an enhanced landscape with a rock garden that is:

  • Designed imaginatively
  • Made of beautifully weathered rocks
  • Set firmly and securely

Covington Retaining Walls


As a landscaping company that has been in business since 1995, we have vast experience in installing retaining walls in the Covington area. We offer customized services for retaining wall construction.

We extend honest advice to help our customers pick the most suitable material for making their retaining walls. Our skilled technicians work with advanced tools and high-quality supplies to ensure that the retaining walls they construct on Covington properties:

  • Are extremely functional and effective
  • Add depth and texture to the landscape
  • Stand the test of time

Choose only the proven experts for installation of a retaining wall or rock garden on your Covington property. Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779.

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