Ravensdale Irrigation Sprinklers Installation


To keep your landscape lush and healthy, it is important to ensure that it is irrigated efficiently throughout the year.

A poor irrigation system or schedule can result in poor plant growth or cause the foliage to die.At Cedar County Landscaping, Inc., we can help your landscape look its best at all times with our irrigation sprinklers installation services.

We can install an automatic irrigation sprinkler system that relieves you from the stress of watering while making sure that your lawn, plants and vegetation do not suffer due to erratic watering.

Our irrigation sprinklers installation helps you enjoy a robust landscape that brings:

  • Improved air quality around the property
  • Enhanced curb appeal of the property
  • Increased resale value of the property

We offer irrigation sprinklers installation services for both setting up a new irrigation sprinkler system and expanding an existing irrigation system. We also maintain and repair irrigation sprinkler systems. 

Ravensdale Irrigation Sprinkler


The benefits offered by irrigation sprinkler systems make them a ‘must-have’ for all homeowners who have lawns or landscapes to maintain.

Irrigation sprinklers installation frees them from having to drag hoses around the yard, or worrying about watering too little or too much.Once we are done with your irrigation sprinklers installation and you experience how easy and economical watering the lawn/landscape becomes, you will wonder why you didn’t get the irrigation system before!

Some advantages of an irrigation system include:

  • Irrigation sprinklers installation helps ensure regular landscape watering
  • Irrigation sprinklers installation makes landscape watering quick and easy
  • Irrigation sprinkler systems deliver properly measured and controlled water
  • Irrigation sprinklers installation facilitates overnight watering
  • Being timer-based, irrigation sprinkler systems prevent water wastage
  • Irrigation sprinkler systems save time in areas with specific watering restrictions

Ravensdale Irrigation System


Irrigation sprinklers installation goes a long way in protecting your landscaping investment.

With an automatic irrigation system in place, you can keep your precious landscape watered even when you are away.However, to get the most out of your irrigation sprinkler system, it is not enough to get irrigation sprinklers installation. Proper maintenance and the timely repair of the irrigation system is equally important.We are the irrigation system specialists that can help you have a dependable irrigation sprinkler system. Achieve and maintain an attractive landscape by hiring us for:

  • Designing a suitable irrigation sprinkler system
  • Professional irrigation sprinklers installation
  • Expert irrigation system repair

Trust your irrigation system installation, maintenance and repair needs to Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. Call (425) 358-2779.

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