Buckley Landscape Renovations


Is your grass dead? Are you shrubs beyond saving? Do you want to just start all over? Cedar County Landscaping is the name to remember when you want landscape renovations!

We can provide landscape renovations for Buckley, WA property owners who:

  • Have a dead or difficult landscape
  • Want to increase the value of their property
  • Want to decrease their water usage
  • Are ready for a lawn that looks green instead of brown

Our landscape renovations are not limited to just sprucing up your shrubs or flowers.

We can do entire lawn and landscape overhauls that include new trees, new grass, and new rockeries or water features.

Whatever you can dream up, our landscape renovations technicians can do it!

Buckley Front Yard Landscaping


Front yard landscaping plans have to be very exact and created by professionals. Why? Because the front of your house is the first thing that passersby, neighbors, and visitors see.

Do you want your landscape to look shoddy or, worse, die easily? Call us if you want your Buckley home’s front yard landscaping to look:

  • Expertly designed
  • Simple but classy
  • Like you can maintain it effortlessly

Our front yard landscaping ideas on a budget are another selling point for many Buckley residents. We can provide a whole list of very budget-friendly landscape renovation ideas.

Your front yard landscaping will increase the value of your home exponentially, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg!

Call us today if you want to hear about our small front yard landscaping ideas for your home!

Buckley Backyard Makeover


The backyard is usually where all the action happens, especially if you have pets or children.

Why not enlist our backyard makeover services so you can enjoy it to the fullest? Our backyard makeover can include:

  • New sod
  • Retaining walls
  • Trees, shrubs, flowers
  • Gardens
  • Water features

Why not get the backyard makeover of your dreams? We can help! Our backyard landscaping design ideas will make your Buckley yard the envy of your neighbors and it will become a haven for you and your family.

We always provide an affordable backyard remodel cost and guarantee your 100% satisfaction before we finish the project.

Cedar County Landscaping is known for their exceptional landscape renovations in the Buckley area.

If you’re ready for front yard landscaping or a backyard makeover, call them at (425) 358-2779.

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