Des Moines Garden Mulch


Mulching is an important part of your landscaping process. It not only prevents the growth of weed but offers other benefits. But in order to enjoy those benefits, you need to use the right garden mulch material. A professional landscaping company can help you use the right one.

We at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offer high quality garden mulch services for Des Moines, WA residents. As an established company, we recommend you use regular garden mulch services as they provide the following benefits:

  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Maintenance of soil moisture
  • Add soil nutrients and offer weed control
  • Better aesthetics

You can rely on our skilled and well-trained staff to choose the best vegetable garden mulch needed for your garden. They will assess the type of soil in your garden, understand what types of vegetables you are going to grow and then recommend the best one from the several garden mulch types. They will also assist with selecting the right mulch for your flower beds to keep the beautiful.

Des Moines Landscape Mulch


Need help picking the right landscape mulch for your home or business? There are many organic and inorganic landscape mulch types and various colors to choose from. No wonder it is difficult to choose the right one. Come talk with us. Our professional staff will help you pick the right one that will make your landscape look just as you had envisioned.

We can help you choose from the following types of landscape mulch types:

  • Plastic
  • Wood shavings
  • Straw
  • Cocoa hulls or bark chips

Now that you have selected the right landscape mulch for your property, what color should you use? We make all these decisions easy. Come see us today.

Des Moines Mulch Installation


As there might be several companies offering mulch installation in Des Moines, choosing the best one can be a difficult task. You want to work with a company the understands the area’s soil types, weather patterns, and types of mulch on the market.

Then you must choose a landscaper that knows how to correctly handle your mulch installation. You should choose us for mulch installation in Des Moines as we use the right equipment and installation techniques that provide:

  • Even distribution
  • Minimal disturbance to the landscape
  • Professional installation

Couple these with excellent customer service and affordable pricing and you have a combination that cannot be beaten.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 for any landscape or garden mulch installation services you may need for your home or business in Des Moines.

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