Issaquah Lawn Care


Designing a great landscape is one thing; lawn care in Issaquah, WA is a whole other project! Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides both services of designing and lawn care for Issaquah residents.

Lawn care in Issaquah can be complex. Therefore, you should only trust professional services like Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for lawn care of your Issaquah property. We provide quality services for maintaining your landscape, which can be an expensive investment.

Our lawn care service will enhance the overall look of your property making your neighbors green with envy! Our lawn care takes into account any specific needs and we also ensure that your lawn, being an extension of your personality, appears first class 24/7. Some other services offered at our company are:

  • Landscape installation
  • Landscape renovation
  • Installation of landscape lighting

Issaquah Lawn Service


You can rely on our experts to provide routine as well as customized lawn service in the Issaquah area. Our experienced professionals render lawn service to Issaquah residents in a very efficient and reliable manner.

We have been in business since 1995. That is the reason why we have such a large customer base for lawn service in the Issaquah area. We have been successful in acquiring respect and trust of Issaquah residents with our lawn service.

Our lawn service experts are known for their:

  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Our lawn service ensures that both your residential and commercial property is immaculate throughout the year! More importantly, our service is available at very fair and affordable rates.

Issaquah Lawn Maintenance


Through our lawn maintenance service in the Issaquah region, your lawn is always going to sparkle. Lawn maintenance for Issaquah properties is very important so that it remains healthy and full and more importantly, green.

If you decide to neglect your lawn by not opting for lawn maintenance in the Issaquah area, it will get patchy, dry and weedy. We urge everyone to choose our professional lawn maintenance service and save your lawn from becoming a mess.

Aeration is a very important lawn maintenance service. The aeration our lawn maintenance company provides is one of the best in the region and ensures the best possible appearance of your lawn. Its benefits include:

  • Better air exchange
  • Improved grass rooting
  • Decreased water runoff

Call (425) 358-2779 today for outstanding lawn care and lawn maintenance. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides elite lawn service for Issaquah, WA residents.

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