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Growing a rich, healthy lawn can be a tough, time-consuming job. But, not when Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. handles it.

We offer services for installing lawn sod so that you don’t have to wait long to have a mature turf adorning your residential or commercial landscape.

Lawn sod or grass sod refers to a roll of real grass that is grown and maintained by professionals.

We transplant the lawn sod in your yard where it soon develops into a robust lawn. Grass sod installation works much faster than seeding.

The other advantages of using grass sod to grow your lawn are:

  • Grass sod installation can be done any time of the year (not when the ground is frozen)
  • Lawn sod is easy to install on slopes
  • Lawn sod installation results in durable turf that discourages weed growth

Sodding gives you instantaneous satisfaction of having a lush-green yard as it creates a grassy lawn on a bare piece of land the minute sod rolls are installed. On the other hand, with a seeded lawn, you have to wait for several weeks as the grass grows in before you have a reasonably dense lawn. You also have to bear the unattractive, patchy look of the lawn area until it fills up.

Moreover, a sodded lawn becomes ready for use a lot faster than a seeded lawn. The grass in sod is already grown and its roots get established within 2-4 weeks in the lawn. Soon thereafter it is possible to use the lawn for activities like walking, playing, entertaining, etc.

The grass blades emerging from seeds, however, are very delicate and easily susceptible to damage. You have to wait much longer to use the lawn.

Sod Installation Ravensdale


When you trust your lawn sod installation project to us, relax and expect a lush green turf within no time.

We treat your lawn area professionally and ready it for grass sod installation to ensure that our services lead to optimal results.

The lawn sod installation process adopted by us progresses through:

  • Preparing the ground by removing old vegetation and debris
  • Grading it for proper drainage and run-off
  • Adding topsoil, if needed
  • Conducting careful grass sod installation

Successful installation of sod depends a great deal on proper soil preparation in the intended turf area. Grass basically needs four things to grow – air, water, nutrients and sunlight. All these have to be in proper proportions. Three of these essentials are provided by the soil and so it is important to ensure before installing the sod that the soil is of the right quality.

We are fully aware of how sod should be laid so that it results in a dense and healthy turf. Our technicians are trained to prepare the site properly for sodding and improve the soil there, if necessary. They also work diligently to make sure that the soil is clear of weeds as well as any debris like buried stumps or stones.

We further ensure the success of sodding by picking sods of the grass type that thrives in the general year-round climatic conditions at the jobsite.

With our lawn sod installation services, you won’t need to envy your neighbor’s beautiful lawn anymore. Just give our grass sod installation experts a call and it won’t be long before your empty yard boasts of a luxuriant lawn!

Grass Sod Ravensdale


As knowledgeable and experienced landscapers, we assure you of superior grass sod installation services.

Our sincere and diligent technicians work hard to make sure that your investment in lawn sod does not go to waste.

Our grass sod installation experts are ready to get their hands dirty to help your business place or home flaunt a thick, fine-looking lawn that impresses your employees and business associates, or gives endless pleasure to you and your family.

We make a trusted option for installing grass sod in your yard because we:

  • Make an in-depth assessment of site conditions for successful grass sod installation
  • Use high-quality lawn sod to give you an excellent, hard-wearing turf
  • Charge competitive prices for installing lawn sod

We understand installing sod in your yard is an important investment. By opting for it, you make a significant financial commitment for improving the beauty and value of your property. We respect this and strive to help you get the maximum worth for your money.

Taking up the job at the right time of the year, picking up top-grade grass sod and following the right procedure for installing the sod are some of the ways through which our landscaping company makes sure that its sodding services lead to the beautiful, robust lawn that you had hoped for.

We work as carefully as we would on our own property and also take care that proper after-installation maintenance work is done on your sodded lawn.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. today at (425) 358-2779 for lawn sod installation.

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