Covington Landscape Renovations


Cedar County Landscaping provides innovative landscape renovations in the Covington area, including fence, patio, front yard landscaping and backyard makeover services. We provide beautiful makeovers and landscape renovations throughout the Covington area.

We always reflect the desires of our customers in our landscape renovations work in the Covington area. No matter the size of the landscape renovations project, we give attention to every detail. We use the latest software for communicating the landscape renovations plans. Even though we never compromise on the creativity of landscape renovations, our proposals are always budget sensitive. We always maintain a transparency about the cost factor and never charge extravagantly

Our professional technicians complete your landscape renovations in the Covington area. They have the training and experience to successfully complete your landscape renovations project. We evaluate various factors of your Covington area property before starting the landscape renovations, including:

  • Maximizing the re-usage of existing plants
  • Disposing excess an unwanted clutter
  • Reviving existing trees that won’t be moved
  • Efficiently adding new features to existing hard scape

Covington Front Yard Landscaping


Looking to get a renovation to beautify your front yard landscaping in the Covington, WA area? Visit Cedar County Landscaping today. One of the major types of landscape renovations is the front yard landscaping, as the front outlook is the most important.

There are many options available for front yard landscaping renovations. It really depends on your plans for a specific front yard landscaping theme. You should hire us for your front yard landscaping because:

  • We have vast front yard landscaping experience in the Covington area
  • Our front yard landscaping technicians are fully skilled
  • Numerous customers are satisfied with our front yard landscaping in the Covington area

Front yard landscaping is a fun thing to do over the summers in the Covington area. If you don’t have the time or skill to do the front yard landscaping, simply hire our services.

Covington Backyard Makeover


We also provide backyard makeover services that include complete designs. We specialize in backyard makeover services for residential and commercial properties. The backyard makeover is often neglected during landscape renovations; in truth, it is the most useful enhancement for your property. With our backyard makeover services, you will make a valuable investment.

Our backyard makeover services include:

  • Landscape designing
  • Landscape installation
  • Landscape maintenance

We will fuse your vision of a perfect backyard makeover with our expertise to create a creative landscape. Our backyard makeover will increase your property’s value and curb appeal. We will professionally design and install with our backyard makeover services.

Our backyard makeover designers will create a relaxing and natural outdoor space that will suit your property’s architecture. Call today for more information on our front yard landscaping and backyard makeover services!

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