Fairwood Landscape Boulders


From large landscape rocks to small boulders, natural stones are always wonderful additions to any landscape. Each boulder is unique and they can create fine accents when placed next to water features, pathways or rockeries.

If you are looking for landscape boulders for your Fairwood, WA area home or business, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers a wide selection to choose from. Using landscape boulders in your Fairwood yard proves to be cost-effective and increases the beauty of any landscape.

There are many ways in which boulders can be used in landscaping, such as for:

  • Boulder seating
  • Boulder fire pit
  • Boulder fountain

Landscape boulders are not only used as functional landscaping elements but also look wonderful amongst landscape plants.

Fairwood Large Landscape Rocks


Large landscape rocks are great for making a big statement in your outdoor area. Well-placed large landscape rocks act as attention-grabbing accents and can make a remarkable impact on visitors.

We can help you select the right kind of large, flat landscaping rocks or medium landscape boulders that will fit into your landscaping plan perfectly. Decorative boulders are easy to integrate into most yards and terrains.

When using large landscape rocks in a garden, they can be:

  • Arranged in a number of ways
  • Used as a focal point
  • Elevated with other materials
  • Highlighted with lighting arrangements

We can help you choose, arrange and install large landscape rocks in your Fairwood area property.

Fairwood Decorative Boulders


Many homeowners these days use decorative boulders to make a feature or complement their planting schemes. Decorative boulders can be used independently or clubbed together to form your dream rockery design.

Landscape rocks offer immense flexibility, as they can be used for a natural setup or contemporary landscaping. We offer a variety of boulders, like round and angular boulders, to meet every landscape plan.

If you are wondering “What is the cost of decorative boulders in the Fairwood area?”, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Amount required

Purchasing landscape boulders from a local supplier like us ensures the highest quality of decorative boulders at the most affordable price.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. provides landscape boulders for Fairwood area properties. Call (425) 358-2779 for large landscape rocks and decorative boulders for home & business landscaping.

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