Tehaleh Retaining Wall


Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the name to rely on for retaining wall installation in Tehaleh, WA, and the nearby communities. Properties located on sloping land tend to encounter difficulty in landscaping.

Tehaleh retaining wall construction is the solution to counter grading issues and facilitate landscape installation.

However, retaining walls can also be put to several other uses besides holding back soil to provide flat surfaces in the yard. Strategically located Tehaleh retaining wall can even be utilized to create sitting areas in the open, segregate the different hardscape features, enclose the property, and give a unique terraced appearance to the outdoors.

The wide-ranging capabilities of our company include Tehaleh retaining wall design and installation. Give us a call if your yard needs:

  • Retention wall
  • Gravity wall
  • Privacy wall
  • Decorative wall
  • Landscape wall

Hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to hire a Tehaleh retaining wall on your property!

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Tehaleh Rock Garden


Our specialized services are also available for Tehaleh rock garden construction. Get in touch with us if you are interested in giving a unique visual appeal to your yard by adding a Tehaleh rock garden to it.

Whether your outdoor space has a rugged terrain that you want to put to the best possible use or otherwise wish to include a rustic element in the landscape with a Tehaleh rock garden, we are the experts to hire.

Our technicians can create a rock garden of any type or size. We make everything from a miniature rockery in a pot to a dry creek bed with pebbles to an elaborate Tehaleh rock garden.

Contact us today to discuss your project for:

  • Rockery landscaping
  • Rockery garden installation
  • Rockery construction
  • Rockery restoration

Call the experts at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to construct a Tehaleh rock garden!

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Tehaleh Retaining Walls


We are known to build neat, impressive, straight, stable, sturdy, hard-wearing and reliable Tehaleh retaining walls. We equip our accomplished technicians with top-grade supplies besides cutting-edge tools and technologies for constructing Tehaleh retaining walls.

Our experts work with keen attention to detail, ensuring that the Tehaleh retaining walls are built in compliance with the relevant local codes.

We know when it comes to Tehaleh retaining walls, you may have questions in regards to the pricing and styles that we offer. Please give our team a call today to learn more information.

We have worked hard to become the top source for installing Tehaleh retaining walls. Our technicians are skilled at working with several kinds of materials for retaining wall construction. These include:

  • Rock
  • Stone
  • Redi-Rock
  • Sandstone
  • Concrete

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to install Tehaleh retaining walls!

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