Snoqualmie Artificial Grass

Artificial-Grass-Snoqualmie-WAArtificial turf installation is getting more popular by the day throughout the USA, and Snoqualmie, WA is no exception. Both home and business owners are opting for synthetic grass because it assures them of forever-beautiful turf areas on their property.

A one-time investment in artificial grass installation gives Snoqualmie property owners a lifetime of pleasure from lush lawns and landscaping.

We, at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offer artificial grass installation to beautify Snoqualmie properties. We can install artificial turf to meet diverse residential and commercial landscaping applications. Our artificial grass installations in Snoqualmie offer excellent use:

  • In the backyard or front yard lawn area
  • Around the pool
  • On the sidewalk
  • To create pet areas or play areas for kids
  • As parking lot medians

If you want your property to have a turf that is always looking luxuriant and healthy, call us for synthetic grass installation today!

Snoqualmie Artificial Turf

Artificial-Turf-Snoqualmie-WAWith the installation of artificial turf, Snoqualmie residents can enjoy lawns that look great all through the year. Neither heavy traffic nor changing climatic conditions pose any problem for turfs made from synthetic grass.

Moreover, very little maintenance is required to keep the artificial grass areas in good shape.

In fact, there are many more benefits offered by artificial turf installation for Snoqualmie residents. These include:

  • Freedom from mowing the lawn time and again
  • No need of weeding, fertilization or pest control
  • Savings on water bills as artificial grass does not need much watering
  • Minimal pollen, ticks or fleas
  • No muddy splatters or footprints when it rains

Snoqualmie Synthetic Grass

Synthetic-Grass-Snoqualmie-WAWe realize that investing in synthetic grass installation in Snoqualmie properties is not much fun if it results in turf areas that look fake. We combine excellent artificial turf products with impeccable artificial grass installation to create turf that appears and feels as if it were natural grass.

The synthetic grass that we install in Snoqualmie properties simulates real grass with its:

  • Soft and fine texture
  • Spring-back quality
  • Realistic green color

Our skilled technicians enhance the real-like appearance of artificial turf further by making sure that the rolls of synthetic grass are aligned in the right direction, have the seams properly hidden from view, and have neat borders & edges.

Call 425-358-2779 for more information about the artificial grass installation services Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers in the Snoqualmie area.