Commercial Landscaping Bellevue


Did you know that the commercial landscaping definition differs from traditional, residential landscaping? For this reason, many businesses in Bellevue, WA find themselves in need of a commercial landscaping company that can:

  • Trim, mow, and prune the plants and trees all over their property
  • Help fertilize, mulch, and maintain the plants during the spring and fall
  • Beautify the appearance of the landscape year round

So often, companies invest in amazing plants, grass, and shrubs that really show off the beauty of their building’s architecture or reflect their values as a company, but then forget they need commercial landscaping professionals who know how to take care of everything.

That’s where we at Cedar County Landscaping come in. We provide our commercial landscaping services to take amazing care of your business’s investment and provide expertise in commercial landscape maintenance.

Commercial Landscape Service Bellevue


Often, when you see a landscaping service on a business property or in the common areas of an HOA, that service comes from commercial landscape maintenance companies. Commercial landscape service in Bellevue differs from regular landscaping because it requires:

  • More manpower
  • More tools and equipment
  • A thorough understanding of different plants, water draining issues, etc.

Our professionals understand the ins and outs of commercial landscape service and understand that each property has commercial landscape maintenance specifications.

We know our clients’ properties thoroughly and provide services that keep their lawns, grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs looking great for years to come.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Bellevue


With so many commercial landscape maintenance companies to choose from in Bellevue, why should you choose us? We get this question a lot and have a few simple answers. As experts in commercial landscape maintenance, we:

  • Always charge fairly
  • Do a thorough job, even on our weekly check ins
  • Provide commercial landscape maintenance specifications that complement your property
  • Understand the needs of your different grasses, trees, shrubs, etc.

Unlike other companies, we truly know what we are doing and can plan ahead for each season as we do our weekly commercial landscape maintenance. We know that this is not a random project where we just mow the lawn and maybe fix the mulch. We create an action plan for your commercial landscape maintenance in Bellevue that keeps your landscape thriving.

Come to Cedar County Landscaping in Bellevue for all your commercial landscape maintenance needs. Call them at 425-358-2779.