French drain Installation Services in Kent

french-drain-kent-waBad drainage around your house can ruin your property – French drain Kent, WA can solve the problem. French drain Kent consists of a trench dug. French drain includes drain rock to protect the drain rock getting clogged up. One time tested solution for managing water away from your house is a French drain Kent.

Our company Cedar County Landscaping provides considerations in designing a French drain system. Our experienced drainage general contractor will solve all the design issues for you. Our French drain Kent professionals will help to solve your water problems like:

  • French drain directs the water to move in proper direction
  • French drain helps in maintaining moisture and flooding
  • French drain avoids costly repair work
  • French drain is layered with gravel
  • French drain prevents unwanted debris from lodging

A Catch Basin is Another Option for Kent Drainage Problems

catch-basin-kent-waMaintenance of a Catch basin Kent includes the removal of trash collected in the sump using a Catch basin cleaner with a clamshell bucket. Additional maintenance activities are performed whenever necessary including repairs to the Catch basin Kent brickwork.

Use our inline Catch basin Kent services to prevent assets from water damage lead by extra rainwater or irrigation. Catch basin Kent offers solutions for water from downspouts. There are some key features of our Catch basin Kent:

  • Catch basin is available in plastic, brass, metal and cast iron
  • Catch basin is offered in various sizes
  • Universal adapters are used by Catch basin
  • Catch basin includes sump area to collect debris
  • Catch basin can accept tube at various elevations

Trench Drain Can Channel Water Away from Kent Landscaping

trench-drain-kent-waContractors use Trench drain Kent when they are putting together functional handicap showers. The Trench drain helps to create a wheelchair accessible shower for the operation of Trench drain Kent. A trench is dug and into this Trench drain is fitted with a decorative cover. The Trench drain Kent lay below the level of the finished shower floor.

Our Trench drain Kent consists of neutral sections of Trench drain. This Trench drain provides durability to concrete trench that will save time. Our Trench drain offers following features and benefits:

  • Meshing tongue and groove joins for safe arrangement
  • No additional screws or clamps required at installation of Trench drain
  • Integral joint lock to prevent joint movement
  • Trench drain contains lightweight sections for easy handling
  • It requires low freight costs

In order to learn more about French drain, Catch basin and Trench drain approach Cedar county Landscaping Inc. We are here to help Kent residents. For more information call 425-432-5277.