French Drain Installation Services in Lake Tapps


Is there one spot of your yard that is always soaked after rain? Are you worried that rainwater will ruin your grass or landscaping in Lake Tapps, WA?

Cedar County Landscaping can provide a number of solutions for your problem, one of which is a French drain.

“What is a French drain and how does it work?” A French drain is simply a pipe that is excavated into the ground, filled with gravel, and sloped enough to encourage water to drain through it.

With our expertise, we promise that your French drain will have:

  • Proper sloping and angles
  • The best materials
  • The appropriate size of pipe

We understand the science behind the proper French drain depth as well, so you know it will work well. Don’t hesitate to fix your water drainage problems; call us!

A Catch Basin is Another Option for Lake Tapps Drainage Problems


The catch basin definition is something our clients always ask for. We let them know that a catch basin is a lot like a storm drain, without connections to sewer tunnels.

We come to your Lake Tapps property and dig a well big enough to fit the self-contained catch basin, then we set it in with a grate on top.

Once it rains, your landscaping will benefit from:

  • Faster removal of water
  • Slower watering from return pipe in catch basin
  • Minimal damage to grass or landscaping

A catch basin is a very easy fix to water drainage problems in Lake Tapps, and many of our clients prefer it over other options.

A Trench Drain Can Channel Water Away from Lake Tapps Landscaping


A trench drain is a great option to move water away from sensitive landscaping or properties.

Because the trench drain is often very narrow, it goes unnoticed by passersby and visitors to your property. There is a thin grate placed over the top that allows for water to flow easily into the drain, but it won’t impede walking or driving.

Many Lake Tapps residents prefer a trench drain because it offers:

  • Easy installation
  • Minimal change to the landscaping
  • Affordable maintenance

Because the trench drain is so thin and the grate is so strong, you will not need to spend much time making sure it’s working properly.

Our heavy duty trench drains are designed to last for many years to come!

Are you on the market for French drain installation to solve your water drainage problems in Lake Tapps? Call Cedar County Landscaping at 425-358-2779.