Lakeland Hills Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding is the process of planting seeds with mulch. Because mulch is full of minerals and fertilizing compounds, it helps to “seal” the seeds into the dirt and gives them a ton of nutrients to grow with.

Thanks to this, hydroseeding is a very effective way to get great lawns in Lakeland Hills, WA.

Whether you own a business or a home, hydroseeding is a great option for anyone.

Our technicians always guarantee:

  • Great service
  • Exceptional hydroseeding cost
  • Expert application and seeding

When we are done, you’ll have a seeded lawn or landscape that will sprout in 5-7 days.

We will show you how to properly care for your lawn until the seeds sprout, as well as how to care for your new lawn afterwards.

Hydroseeding is easy to care for when properly started by our professionals, so call us today to make the process quick and easy.

Lakeland Hills Lawn Hydroseeding


So many residents in Lakeland Hills hear about lawn hydroseeding and attempt DIY hydroseed projects. They usually find that their seeds never sprout and, if they do, they die soon after.

Our lawn hydroseeding process is proven and follows:

  • Consultation and estimation
  • Hydroseeding and mulching
  • Watering and evaluation

Without our careful process, the lawn hydroseeding projects wouldn’t provide the return on investments we promise our Lakeland Hills clients.

Our advanced hydroseed machines promise effective seeding and planting, as well as strong grass once the seeds sprout.

Your return on your investment is further guaranteed by our low hydroseed cost and commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us today if you’re ready to get started.

Lakeland Hills Grass Hydroseeding


The best part about our grass hydroseeding services is that they provide results in no time.

Unlike sod or other seeding methods, which take time, you can see results from grass hydroseeding in less than a week.

Once the seeds take hold, you’ll have a lush lawn in just a few weeks’ time. What sets our services apart from other hydroseeding services in Lakeland Hills is our:

  • Proven hydroseed mix
  • Well-maintained hydroseed supplies
  • Low cost and high returns

If you’re ready to get the lawn of your dreams for your home or business property, grass hydroseeding is the best option for you.

Cedar County Landscaping is here for Lakeland Hills residents and business owners who are considering lawn hydroseeding to get a lush, green landscape. Dial (425) 358-2779 today to set up a consultation.