Hydroseeding for Puyallup Home and Business Landscaping


Growing a luxurious, dense lawn can be quite challenging. Even more difficult is maintaining it so it retains that excellent condition for a long time. Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is glad to help property owners succeed in the tough job of installing and sustaining thick, robust turf area.

We offer grass hydroseeding services in the Puyallup, WA area to make it possible for the home and business landscapes here to have great looking lawns. Grass or lawn hydroseeding is a process that involves spraying the designated area with a slurry comprising grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, tackifying agents, water and green dye.

This technique delivers much better results than conventional methods of lawn seeding and sodding because the hydroseed mix:

  • Is not washed off easily
  • Does not get blown away by the wind
  • Provides the seedlings with sufficient moisture and nutrients
  • Resists weeds and pests

Call us today to learn more about our lawn hydroseeding services for Puyallup properties.

Lawn Hydroseeding for Quick Results in Puyallup


Lawn hydroseeding has proven to deliver amazing and quick results. For the process to be successful, however, it is important that the work is done by professionals who have:

  • In-depth knowledge and experience of the job
  • Access to high-quality hydroseed supplies
  • The proper hydroseeding equipment

If you are wondering, ‘where can I find competent and reliable experts for lawn hydroseeding near me in the Puyallup area?’ then think no more. You are at the right place.

We have been providing grass hydroseeding services in this community since 1995 and proven our expertise with outstanding outcomes on countless jobs. Get in touch with us if you want to see a lush healthy lawn in your yard within no time.

Grass Hydroseeding in Puyallup - Fast Results in Large Areas


Our landscaping company can handle grass hydroseeding jobs of any type, size or scope. We will put a hydroseed mix on the prepared surface. This can include areas that are not suitable for the traditional seeding methods.

We deliver grass hydroseeding services in Puyallup even for:

  • Sloped yards
  • Big expanses of land
  • Hillsides
  • Areas that are difficult to access

Our technicians further ensure fast results from grass hydroseeding by working diligently and covering every inch of the jobsite with hydroseed mix.

Call Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at (425) 358-2779 to schedule lawn hydroseeding services for your Puyallup property. Ask us for a free quote on grass hydroseeding costs.