Irrigation Services Milton


Installing an efficient system for your lawn irrigation not only maintains its lush greenery, but also helps add beauty to the landscape of the area. To obtain the best results, recruiting local irrigation services for the installation of an irrigation system is a good idea.

We at Cedar Country Landscaping, Inc. are a well-known company in the field of irrigation services in Milton, WA. We offer our best quality irrigation services related to the installation and repair of all types of irrigation systems, including sprinkler systems.

Because of our unmatched irrigation services, residents of Milton rely upon us for the installation and repairs of irrigation systems. We offer:

  • Perfect design
  • High quality components
  • Methodical yet economical work
  • Post-installation services

By virtue of our customer-oriented approach, we are rated highly as genuine irrigation services providers. Call to learn more.

Lawn Irrigation Milton


For lawn irrigation, a sprinkler irrigation system is often the best option. Sprinkler irrigation is a process similar to natural rainfall for irrigating lawns. With a sprinkler system, water is distributed through pipes that pump and spray water into the air through sprinklers so that it falls to the ground as small water drops.

The installation of an automatic advanced sprinkler system is recommended nowadays as a first choice by companies that provide lawn irrigation services in Milton. Advanced automatic sprinkler systems offer effective lawn irrigation and other benefits, like:

  • Convenient time settings
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Safe irrigation
  • Improved plant & grass growth

As an added feature to lawn irrigation, sprinkler irrigation also means you get your evenings and weekends back - no more hand watering! Our experienced and professionally qualified technicians also undertake the installation of automatic sprinklers for lawn irrigation at an affordable price.

Garden Irrigation Milton


Among various means of garden irrigation, drip irrigation with a network of tubes is designed to deliver water at a rate at which soil can absorb it. Garden irrigation with a soaker hose delivers water to seep slowly into soil.

In both systems of garden irrigation, water waste is eliminated and the deep roots of garden plants are nurtured. We have an efficient team of experienced technicians who undertake installation of drip and soaker hose systems for vegetable garden irrigation.

We are recognized as specialists in garden irrigation systems in the Milton area and we:

  • Create efficient designs
  • Plan the garden irrigation project
  • Repair or replace parts that break down later

For expert garden irrigation installation, call us. We charge affordable prices and offer exceptional results.

If you are seeking irrigation services or the installation of lawn irrigation or garden irrigation systems in Milton, contact Cedar Country Landscaping Inc. at (425) 358-2779.