Landscape Lighting for Buckley Outdoor Living Spaces


You cannot make the most of your investment in landscape installation until a suitable outdoor lighting system is in place. Great landscape lighting can make sure that your outdoor living spaces are as beautiful and functional at night as they are during the day.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is happy to meet you landscape lighting needs in Buckley, WA. We can put outdoor lights throughout your yard at strategic places so that you can extend your use of your outdoor area well into the hours after sundown.

We offer landscape lighting installations in Buckley for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. You can call us to install:

  • Outdoor lights on pathways or garden
  • Patio lighting
  • Uplighting in the yard
  • Accent lighting in the outdoors

Quality is the hallmark of all our landscape lighting installation services. Our company strives to provide you with high-grade LED landscape lights that operate efficiently and are long-lasting.

Outdoor Lights Provide Safety in Buckley Landscaping


Landscape lights are essential to increasing the security and safety of your property. We can install low-voltage landscape lighting all over the yard to eliminate dark passages or nooks that may allow intruders to enter your property unbidden.

Our technicians can even install motion sensor outdoor lights, if you wish. By keeping the exteriors adequately illuminated, outdoor lights offer your Buckley property the first line of protection against trespassing, theft, and other mischief.

Our installation of outdoor lights on your landscaping or property can prevent:

  • Tripping on uneven walkways
  • Entangling in low-hanging tree branches
  • Bumping into rocks or other hardscape installations
  • Accidentally stepping over flowers and other foliage

Landscape Lights for Buckley Patios, Lawn and Garden Areas


Hiring us to install landscape lights on your Buckley property is a rewarding investment that brings you long-term returns. A properly illuminated lawn, patio, and garden area:

  • Allows evening entertainment in the outdoors
  • Ensures great curb appeal of your property even at night
  • Boosts resale value of the property

We offer customized landscape lighting services. Our technicians carry out the installations with the goal of fulfilling the exact purpose for which you need the landscape lights. We make sure to send over knowledgeable technicians who can be trusted to make accurate electrical connections while installing your landscape lights.

To hire Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. for designing and installing outdoor lights in your Buckley home or business property, call (425) 358-2779.