Landscape Renovations for the Tukwila Property Owner


Think that it is time for a renovation to your property’s landscape? Are you tired of the look of your backyard and the front yard needs help? You may feel the need for a change in the back or front yard landscaping for many reasons. Landscape renovations in any Tukwila, WA property is usually undertaken:

  • To infuse a fresh breath of life into a dull landscape
  • Incorporating the latest landscaping trends into the yard
  • To give a personal touch to a newly purchased property
  • For improving landscape functionality

No matter the reason for a front yard landscaping renovation or a backyard makeover, contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to handle the project. Our full-service landscaping company has been providing landscape renovations in Tukwila since 1995.

We are staffed by extremely skilled and talented technicians who can perform any simple or extensive landscape renovations that you may desire.

Change Your Front Yard Landscaping to Enhance Your Tukwila Home


The ingenuity and creativity used in the installation of your front yard landscaping have a big impact on the curb appeal and value of your home. Give us a call if you want to enhance the look of your property by modifying the front yard landscaping. We will make andscape renovations to create the perfect yard of your dreams.

If you do not have any front yard landscaping plans in mind, our professionals can give you customized landscaping ideas for the front of house using their:

  • Vast landscaping knowledge
  • Extensive experience as landscapers
  • Boundless creativity

Our company will work with you and understand your budget needs when renovating the front yard landscaping in your Tukwila home.

Does Your Tukwila Home Need a Backyard Makeover? We Can Help!


A backyard makeover makes sense if you want to utilize an enhance your outdoor living area. We will help you design the perfect backyard makeover that will fit your lifestyle and your budget at the same time.

Whether the landscape renovations you desire include modifying the patio, adding a water feature, installing an outdoor kitchen or changing the plantings, our backyard makeover experts have the experience to create exactly what you want. You can count on us to complete the backyard makeover in your Tukwila home:

  • On schedule
  • With professional workmanship
  • Using top-grade landscaping materials

Our imaginative backyard makeover ideas can happen on a budget. When it comes to front or backyard makeover in Tukwila, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. are the experts to trust. Call 425-358-2779 to discuss your ideas for landscape renovations.