Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System for Lakeland Hills Landscaping


Is your landscaping hard to maintain? Does it take a ton of water to keep the plants and grass alive?

Lakeland Hills, WA property owners know the struggle of needing to frequently water their landscape, despite frequent rains.

If you’re sick of watering your lawn, it might be time for an automatic lawn sprinkler system from Cedar County Landscaping. We provide:

  • Lawn sprinkler repair
  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Lawn sprinkler parts

This means that we are your one-stop shop for all things related to your lawn sprinkler system.

Whether you have an outdated system that needs replaced or you don’t have a system at all, our professionals can advise you on the best option for your property.

Other lawn sprinkler companies may only provide one service or the other; we provide them all!

Sprinkler System Installation for Lakeland Hills Home and Business


Are you wondering what the sprinkler system installation cost would be for your Lakeland Hills landscape? Our prices are based on:

  • The type of sprinkler system you choose
  • The size of your property
  • The complexity and watering needs of your plants, grass, etc.

If you have high needs plants, such as annuals or semi-tropical plants, you will need a heavy duty sprinkler system installation that can water the plants frequently.

If you have a simple landscape, your sprinkler system design will reflect that.

Our technicians can provide a quote of our sprinkler system installation prices once they see your property and discuss your specific needs.

Lakeland Hills property owners won’t have to worry about their landscapes once we’ve provided our sprinkler system installation services.

Why Should Lakeland Hills Residents Choose Us for Sprinkler Repair?


Do you know a sprinkler repair guy who says he can fix your sprinkler easily?

While he may be successful in the short term, odds are that inexperienced and ill-equipped repair efforts will lead to more damage down the road.

Don’t take your Lakeland Hills sprinkler system for granted; call professionals for sprinkler repair.

Our sprinkler repair company offers:

  • Exceptional pricing
  • Customer satisfaction guarantees
  • Sprinkler repair parts warranties

Don’t stress over cost, either, as you’re investing in a system that improves the overall worth of your property.

We always provide value-added services and our sprinkler repair is always long-lasting.

If our sprinkler repair services can’t fix your system, we will provide you a quote for a whole new one.

A lawn sprinkler system is a huge investment in your Lakeland Hills property.

Don’t trust anyone but Cedar County Landscaping with the project. Call them at 425-358-2779 to get started.