Auburn Retaining Wall


Have you been in search of a company that installs retaining walls in your property in Auburn, WA? If you are, then Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is one of the best companies to call in for installing retaining walls in the Auburn region.

It is wise to build retaining walls for Auburn properties that have been built on a slant. This practice is useful in making sure that the soil is not eroded, and your greenery gets proper nutrients. You will provide great backing for modification on a vertical grade by building a retaining wall in the region of Auburn.

These walls are also useful if you want to make the passage to your home look more elegant. You can also install the retaining walls as a border to mark the lawn area. Other uses include:

  • Your pond looks prettier
  • Makes for a great sitting area
  • Increases your privacy

There is no doubt to the fact that a border wall is a great addition to your property. It not only increases the curb appeal and value of your property but also makes it more functional and spacious. A retaining wall also helps in making a space look bigger especially when done in the form of steps on the slope.

You can rely on our expert technicians for the proper idea and planning of the retaining walls on your property in Auburn. We can also add a rock garden to make it look more beautiful and stylish. You can either give your idea of the landscaping that you require or choose one from our portfolio. We can even customize the landscaping as per your preference and your budget.

Auburn Rock Garden


Besides sitting walls and/or privacy walls, our experts can also design a rock garden for your Auburn home. The overall beauty of your house is sure to increase if you get a rock garden installed in your Auburn property.

Just like retaining walls, a rock garden at your Auburn house can be very helpful in preventing erosion of the soil. Moreover, a rock garden can also be useful in reforming the under developed areas in the landscape of your Auburn property.

We can install a rock garden in your home in a way that it:

  • Distributes proper sunlight
  • Restores nutrients in the soil
  • Makes your landscape stylish

If you choose our service for the installation of the rock garden, you will see the visual appeal of your property grow exponentially. You will be surprised to know that a rock garden is low maintenance and can reflect your unique personality to your guests.

Moreover, if there are not many homes that have the rock garden on their property; your home will stand out to visitors and onlookers, alike. This will also increase the curb appeal and value of your property. We have several designs and ideas for rock gardens with us. You can choose the relevant design of the rock garden or get one customized for your property. We will take care to complete all the steps and installation within your budget.

Auburn Retaining Walls


Choose us to build retaining walls in your Auburn homes as we have been in this business since a long time and have the expertise to provide exceptional services. Our service to install beautiful retaining walls is available for both commercial and residential properties in the Auburn region. with the help of our services, you can increase the beauty of your property.

Our company also offers our customers free quotes. Besides building retaining walls in Auburn properties, we offer various services like:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Tree trimming
  • Thatching and aerating

For the most dependable service in the region, we should be your number one choice. The kind of hard work and dedication our workers put in is hard to match. You can choose us to install retaining walls around your home as we are experienced, reliable and reputed and above all recommended.

We have a long list of satisfied customers. If you are still not convinced about the quality of our services, you can take reviews from the customers that we have served in the past. Along with the quality of our services, you can take reviews about our prices as well. You will be surprised to know that we are one of the most affordable companies offering services for retaining walls and the like.

With us as the company handling your landscaping and rock garden installation, you can rest assured that you are being served by one of the leading companies of the industry.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. offers remarkable services of retaining walls and rock garden installation. Call (425) 358-2779 to talk to our expert serving Auburn.

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