Rockeries Maple Valley

Rockeries-Maple-Valley-WAWhen it comes to landscape design, there is no limit to creativity, and resourceful landscapers like those at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. can transform even a rough, stony terrain into a beautiful yard. We specialize in constructing rockeries, which are an ideal landscaping idea for properties with a rock-strewn yard. Our technicians can, however, create rockeries in Maple Valley, WA even in yards with normal fertile land and no rock outcropping.

Rockeries offer several benefits over the typical gardens. Installation of rockeries:

  • Adds a charming, rustic look to the landscape
  • Minimizes yard maintenance work
  • Ensures a beautiful yard all year round, through all seasons

People who want their distinctive outdoor space to become the talk of the neighborhood should call us for installation of rockeries in their Maple Valley properties. We can create beautiful rockeries in yards of all sizes. From miniature rockeries in large pots to a standalone rockery wall to dry creek to elaborate rockeries spread over a big area, we can make them all.

Rockery Wall Maple Valley

Rockery-Wall-Maple-Valley-WAConstruction of rockeries is not the only way of incorporating stone boulders into the landscape. You can also add the rugged beauty of nature to your yard through rock wall construction.

We carry out rockery wall installation in Maple Valley properties to serve aesthetic as well as functional purposes. You can call in our technicians to install a rockery wall in the yard for:

  • Resolving grading and soil erosion issues
  • Making a terraced garden
  • Providing seating at strategic points in the landscape
  • Creating a unique focal point in the outdoor living area

Our services can also be engaged to build a rockery wall along the boundary of the property to provide privacy from passersby.

Rock Wall Construction Maple Valley

Rock-Wall-Construction-Maple-Valley-WAInstallation of rockeries and rock wall construction are both jobs for trained professionals. These involve a lot more than arranging a few boulders in an attractive layout or on top of each other.

Going DIY or hiring an inexperienced contractor for rock wall construction in your Maple Valley property can have damaging consequences. Let us handle your rock wall construction project if you want it to result in a structure that is:

  • Strong, straight, and stable
  • Reliable and weather resistant
  • Built on good foundation with proper drainage

Our seasoned technicians can be trusted for code-compliant rock wall construction work.

Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is a trusted expert to hire for construction of rockeries or rockery wall in Maple Valley properties. Call (425) 358-2779 now!