Summer Lawn Care - High Temperatures in Issaquah


Making sure your lawn is thriving and looking great through hot summers can be tough. Luckily, you have Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. to assist you with useful summer lawn care tips and specialized summer lawn services!

We founded our company in 1995 with a single goal in mind: helping residential and commercial property owners make optimal use of their yards. Our summer lawn care services for Issaquah, WA residents are designed to ensure that people are not robbed of the pleasure of beautiful turf, even during seasons of high temperatures.

We offer customized summer lawn care services for Issaquah residents. Considering different factors like the lawn size, grass variety, soil type, sun/shade, angle/orientation of the property, etc., we develop a summer lawn care program designed to:

  • Encourage sustainable turf growth
  • Neutralize the harmful effects of heat
  • Promote long-term health

Lawn Care Tips for Issaquah Homeowners


Summer heat can be extremely stressful for turf. It is imperative that you keep in mind certain summer lawn care tips, or your Issaquah home may be left with a brown and barren lawn area with only patches of grass.

Lawn care tips that you should follow, if you wish to make it to fall with a healthy lawn, include:

  • Keep the grass tall and mow it less frequently
  • Water the turf deeply but infrequently; avoid overwatering
  • Keep the grass nourished but avoid aggressive fertilization
  • Instead of bagging lawn clippings, use them as much
  • Use patch seed mixes to make brown patches green again

If you follow these summer lawn care tips and supplement the care with our professional summer lawn services, you are sure to have your lawn looking its finest - even in the middle of summer.

Why Choose Us for Lawn Services in Issaquah?


Your lush lawn can be the envy of your neighborhood when it remains green, even at the peak of summer! Choose us for lawn services in Issaquah to guarantee an attractive lawn that you can take pleasure and pride in all year-round.

Working with us, you can expect honest lawn care tips and lawn services of the highest quality, provided:

  • By highly knowledgeable and trained technicians
  • With sharp attention to detail
  • Using top-grade materials and advanced tools
  • In an efficient, thorough manner

Contact Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. at 425-358-2779 to know more about the summer lawn services it offers to Issaquah residents.