Tree Trimming Services for Newcastle Homes and Businesses


When you want the finest tree trimming services available in the Newcastle, WA area, Cedar County Landscaping, Inc. is the tree care expert to call. We have been providing tree pruning service for homes and businesses in the community since 1995.

We are reputed for providing extremely professional and thorough tree trimming services for Newcastle residents, on all big and small jobs. Our tree care technicians are experts at all tree pruning techniques like crown thinning, raising, cleaning and reduction. They use their knowledge and experience to determine which techniques would be suitable for each tree that they work on.

Our customized and detailed tree trimming services help Newcastle residents to enjoy trees that:

  • Look magnificent
  • Are disease-free
  • Have a long lifespan

Tree Pruning in Newcastle Has Many Benefits


Tree pruning in Newcastle properties is an essential landscape maintenance service. Without timely and proper tree trimming to contain the spread of their branches, trees end up growing haphazardly and looking unattractive.

You need to hire our tree pruning services in Newcastle not only to maintain the aesthetics of your trees. Our skillful and judicious tree trimming also brings additional benefits like:

  • Increasing air and sunlight penetration in tree to promote growth
  • Giving adequate space to allow all branches to grow
  • Protecting tree health by removing pest-infected limbs
  • Removing hazards and obstructions from overgrown branches

Moreover, we offer you the benefit of improved harvest with fruit tree pruning in your Newcastle property.

Why Choose Us When You Need Tree Care Services in Newcastle?


You want tree care services in your Newcastle property to be delivered by professionals who appreciate the time and effort that has gone into growing your cherished trees. We are the experts that you can rely on.

The technicians we send to meet your tree care needs in Newcastle will prune and care for your trees as carefully as if they were working on their own trees. Some other key factors that make us the right choice for tree trimming and other tree care services in Newcastle include:

  • Employ technicians familiar with tree care needs of different species of trees
  • Work with the latest tree pruning tools
  • Keep tree pruning cost budget-friendly with competitive pricing
  • Give top priority to safety of trees, property, customers and employees
  • Arrive on scheduled time, work discreetly and leave the job-site clean

Dial 425-358-2779 to discuss your tree trimming needs in Newcastle with the tree care specialists at Cedar County Landscaping, Inc.